Thursday, 23 May 2019

Have a lovely half term.

We return to school on Tuesday 11th June

Year 4- Anglo Saxon Day

We started the day by making dioramas - which is a model of an Anglo Saxon settlement. The children designed these as a team on the previous day and selected the resources that they would need. We then made Anglo-Saxon shields, using their favourite colours that  would have available in the Saxon times. Both classes cooked Anglo Saxon oat cakes too - with honey, dried apricots, sultanas and oats.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Art Competition

Design a superhero competition
In partnership with Walk on Wednesday (WoW) and Buckland Media Group.
Design of your own superhero. It could be one, which already exists, or you can create your own one. You could link your superhero with learning or being eco-friendly. Your design should be on an A4 sheet of plain paper. Only use pencils and felt tips to draw your superhero - no glitter or sequins. Do not draw a background - only draw the superhero. Make sure you write your name and class on the back of the paper.
Your entry must be given to Mr Alderson by Friday 14th June 2019 (the Friday of the first week back after half term).
If Buckland Media Group chooses your entry as the winner, one of the school walls will be painted with a mural of your superhero.
Good luck,
Mr Alderson
3A Class Teacher


Image result for fathers day
Father’s Day Gift
This year the PTA are offering children the opportunity to buy a keyring for their Dad for Father’s Day.  Children can draw a picture of their Dad to put in the keyring creating a unique home-made gift.  (Pictures will be drawn in school).

If you would like to buy a keyring, please pay £1 in an envelope to your child’s class teacher or to the school office.  Please write on the envelope: “your child’s name, class and Father’s Day Gift.” Siblings must pay in separate envelopes please.

Money needs to be paid by 23rd May and the gift will be distributed on 14th June.

(If you can help the PTA with this, please let the office know and fill in a form).

Thank you.

Wrotham Road PTA

Friday, 17 May 2019


Today Year 2 have been planning the allotment celebration project for next week.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Year 4 Enrichment

Today for enrichment they spoke about breathing exercises and how their breathing can be like a boat sailing on a sea. When the water is calm the boat sails in the right direction but when there is a storm the boat will go off in different directions and may even capsize. The children related this to their breathing, when we are calm our breathing is focused and regular, however when we are angry or upset our breathing is irregular which can sometimes makes us feel worse. The children laid on the floor, eyes closed while different scenarios were read to them. The children felt what effects this had on their breathing and we found a way to calm ourselves by clearing our thoughts.  

Year 6 SATs Timetable

Term Dates

Reminder that we break up on Friday 24th May at normal time

Monday 10th June is an INSET DAY- so the school will be closed
We return to school on Tuesday 11th June


ParentPay is now live!

We now accept payments for School Trips
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                                           and Afterschool Club.

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No school dinner payments currently- we will inform you when this is available.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Reception at Shorne Country Park




A few things we explored at Shorne last week.
Mini beast hunt, climbing off course and making our own Bog Babies!

Friday, 3 May 2019

Enrichment Friday

Year 6 have been learning how to take the perfect photograph in enrichment. Today they learnt how to find the perfect focus for their image.

Year 4 -Mindfulness

Mindfulness jars. We discussed how the jars represented us and the glitter is our thoughts. When things get a bit much the glitter is flying around and we need to take a few calming breaths "in with the dolphins and out with the sharks" to reset and calm.

Year 6

Year 6 (and Bess) working hard in the lead up to SATs.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Year 2- Materials IPC Unit

The children were redesigning a classroom using appropriate materials.