Monday, 26 September 2016

Year 3

3A were looking at timelines. We used our toilet roll of time to see when the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age was. We added other major events to the timeline too.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Year 5

Here are some photos from our Geography lesson. 
Topic: Here and Now, There and Then. The children worked in groups and researched their chosen country. They then had to create a poster and present what they learnt.





Year 5 - Numicon and Drama Session

Pictures of children using numicon (for place value lesson) and of children acting a small scene from Johnny and the Bomb (a book Y5 are reading at the moment in English).

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to a new academic year at Wrotham Road Primary School, I hope you all had a wonderful summer and managed to have an enjoyable time with your children.
It has been wonderful to see the children rush through the doors as the new school year begins. Thank you, as ever, for your efforts in ensuring that they are smart and in full school uniform and black shoes. Could you please make sure that the children’s jumpers and cardigans have been labelled.
Staffing As we start the new year and welcome all our new children, we also welcome new members of teaching staff: Mr Alderson who will be joining our Year 4 team and Miss Stone who will be joining the Year 2 team.  It is with great pleasure that we also welcome back Mr Arbiter (Mr Chenard) who has returned to us on a part time basis in Year 4.

Meet the teacher You will all be receiving the new class curriculum letters from your child’s teacher when we will be holding “Meet the Teacher sessions”; this will layout what will be covered over the next term and also inform you about the new IPC topics they will be covering. A list of important dates will also be attached.

School improvements Over the school holidays we took the opportunity to improve the outdoor environment with the KS1 playground having an amazing facelift with new play equipment providing a much larger space for the children to play on. The Year 3 and 4 playground, has also been resurfaced and improved providing a much safer surface for the children to play on. Finally the canteen has also had a new flooring laid which is now of a better non-slip quality.
Contact Numbers/Medical Information It is incredibly important that we are kept up to date with any changes of address and contact details from all parents. This is particularly in reference to new work and mobile numbers. It is vital this is addressed as a priority as it could mean we have incorrect contact details for you in the event of an emergency. If you know that you have changed any contact number or details in the last few months please make a note of your child’s name and any changes and hand into the school office.
Attendance Again, I want to reiterate the importance of attendance this year. Studies have shown that good attendance relates directly to good attainment. As you all know, during the course of a week in school, many lessons are taught and topics studied and whether it is learning about a new subject or consolidating previous learning, your child will be missing out on valuable learning time. Our busy timetable doesn’t allow us to re-visit an individual pupil’s missed lessons and so I ask that parents please take family breaks during school holidays. Mrs. Phillips and I will continue to monitor the attendance and lateness daily. I am very grateful to the vast majority of parents who continue to support the school and their child’s education by not taking them out of school during term time and ensuring regular, prompt attendance.
Website Just a reminder that the school website is which has all the relevant letters and information you will need to know. Our blog address is
Once again, welcome back and I look forward to working in partnership with you over the coming year. I will be available most mornings on the playground if you wish to discuss anything.

Here’s to a wonderful year!

Jeans for Genes Day- Friday 23rd September

Donate a £1 and wear your jeans to school!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

This is a "Good" school!

I am delighted to inform you that our recent inspection carried out on the 6th -7th July 2016 graded our school as "Good". This will be publicly available on the Ofsted website next week.

A team of three inspectors visited every class and examined all aspects of the school and I am very proud to announce that in every area our school was graded as 'Good':

Overall Effectiveness                                                               Good
Effectiveness of leadership and management                    Good
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment                    Good
Personal development, behaviour and welfare                  Good
Outcomes of pupils                                                                  Good
Early years provision                                                                Good

Our school has undergone so many changes since I took over as Headteacher in November 2013. There is a great deal to celebrate in achieving  ‘Good’ under the current Ofsted regime. This report recognises the improvements that have been made through the vision and guidance of our senior leadership team, the skills and commitment of our teachers and support staff, the hard work and positive attitudes of our children, together with the support and diligence of our Governing Body and, crucially, the backing of you the parents. I am delighted to see that all these contributions are recognized by the report:
OFSTED Report July 2016 – Summary
This is a ‘Good’ school
ü  The headteacher, senior leaders and governors provide strong leadership for the school.
ü  Overall, pupils make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics.
ü  Children get a good start to school in the early years. Their behaviour is outstanding.
ü  Pupils have good attitudes to learning and want to do well.
ü  Pupils are polite and friendly and show respect towards each other and adults.
ü  Pupils’ well-being has a high priority and staff often ‘go the extra mile’ to support pupils and their families who may be vulnerable.
ü  There is a shared ambition and determination to build on the improvements already made.

Effectiveness of leadership and management: Good

ü  The headteacher provides strong and motivating leadership for the school.
ü  Leaders, including governors, are ambitious for their school and have high expectations for all.
ü  Staff share leaders’ determination for further improvements and for providing the best possible learning opportunities for pupils.
ü  The school improvement plan drives forward the work of the school.
ü  Topics engage pupils’ interest, spark their enthusiasm and link learning across different subjects.
ü  Staff are committed to equal opportunities, which is shown in senior leaders’ work to continue to narrow the achievement gaps between different groups.
ü  The governing body shares the ambition and aspiration of the headteacher and senior leaders to ensure that the school continues to improve.

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment: Good

ü  Relationships between teachers and pupils are very good and, subsequently, pupils work hard, are willing to take risks and want to do well.
ü  Teachers and teaching assistants work well together in a culture of mutual support and strong teamwork.
ü  Teachers plan activities that generally motivate and engage pupils, and increasingly link learning across different subjects as part of topic work.
ü  Teachers make effective use of the assessment system and have regular meetings with senior leaders to discuss the progress of individual pupils and groups.

Personal development, behavior and welfare: Good

ü  Pupils are caring and considerate of others and respectful of adults and each other.
ü  Pupils feel safe in school. The atmosphere and ethos of the school is calm which helps fosters a sense of well-being and care.
ü  Staff often ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure the welfare, social and emotional needs of the pupils are met.
ü  The behavior of pupils is good and pupils are courteous and polite.

Outcomes of pupils: Good

ü  Leaders have relentlessly tackled previous underachievement and this has led to better outcomes and progress of all pupils.
ü  Younger pupils who read to inspectors could confidently use their phonic skills in the current Year 1 class.
ü  Pupils enjoy reading and could talk with confidence about their favourite authors and styles of writing.
ü  Overall, pupils throughout the school are making good progress in their learning from their different starting points.

Early years provision: Good

ü  Children’s behaviour is outstanding and they learn to share and cooperate with each other exceptionally well.
ü  Children currently in the early years make good progress from their starting point.
ü  There is a strong, well-trained team of staff. They are determined to provide the best learning opportunities for the children.
ü  The quality of teaching and learning is good. Teachers and teaching assistants provide a good level of challenge.
ü  Adults know the children very well and relationships and very positive and trusting.
ü  Children learn and play in a safe and secure environment. They are happy and well looked after.

I would like to thank you, the parents, for your tremendous support throughout the inspection. The inspectors were very impressed with the positive online responses on Parent View and by the parents who spoke directly to them about their experiences with the school.

I am incredibly proud of this report and the recognition that our high expectations are being met. We know that our children are a delight to work with and that your involvement and support is vital to our further success. So, once again, a big ‘thank you’ for all that you do and have done in order to make the outcome of this inspection so positive.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Sarah Green