Saturday, 25 June 2016

Year 5W- Debating

We have been debating the big question: Should Britain remain in or leave the EU? On Tuesday, the children were given secret envelopes that revealed whether they would be arguing for in or out. We then held a huge class debate in a circle.  Their Big Write was to write a persuasive speech convincing the British public to either remain or leave the EU. 

British Values

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Year 6 - IPC Projects

Having researched ancient Greek and ancient roman buildings the children were being architects of the past and recreating the famous structures.

Year 5W's Working Wall

We were describing a fairground setting. Here are some examples of the pupil's writing :

- Huge loop-the-loops and dives caused screams and cries; nobody could escape the deafening noise.
- The ride was a snake slithering ready to take action at the most unexpected moment, and I was its prey.
- The candyfloss was like a big bunch of fluffy clouds, and stuck to your lip like a moustache!
- As the ferris wheel turned elegantly, people wait patiently whilst glancing out of the window from a horrific height.
- As I walked over to the roller coaster my heart set on fire, however my hands were as cold as ice. You could see the fiery fear in my eyes disappear as my bravery began to burn it away.
- As I travelled up the towering track the feeling of anticipation, as well as foreboding tingled up my spine.