Thursday, 27 February 2014

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New Writing Displays Around The School

Year 3

Year 5

Year 6

Year 2

Year 4- IPC

What's On the Menu?

Year 1- IPC

Here are some pictures of the first part of our Entry Point for 'Buildings'. The children made their own house of cards!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Book Week

3rd - 7th March 2014
On Monday 3rd March, we will be beginning our annual book week at Wrotham Road Primary School.  It will be very exciting because we will be having three author/illustrators coming in.  On Monday 3rd March, we will be joined by Andrew Weale who wrote "The Spooky Spooky House", "Newt in a Suit" and many other story books.  He will be working with Foundation Stage and Key Stage 2.   On Tuesday 4th March, Pat Ryan will be engaging the Key Stage 2 children in a storytelling workshop and on Wednesday 5th March, Karin Littlewood, who wrote and illustrated "Immi" and "The Sea Horse" will be working with all of the children.  The authors may also be bringing in books
to sell, but this is something that we can tell you more about nearer the time.
On Thursday 6th March and Friday 7th March, the "West End in Schools" dance workshop will be working with all the classes to help us to bring to life the famous book "Where the Wild Things are" by Maurice Sendak and in some classes, this story  will be the focus of a wide range of activities.
During the week, we will be sending home quizzes and there will be a chance for your children to bring in their favourite book to share with their friends.  Also, on Friday 7th March, we would love it if your children could dress up as their favourite story book characters.  There will be a prize for the best costume in each class. 
As you can imagine, the school has made a big investment in this year's book week - with good reason.  Book weeks in the past have had an amazing impact on the children's reading, both at school and at home.  You will also be receiving a book voucher to help your child to buy a special book.  We would be very grateful if your child could bring in just £1 to help pay towards this very special event.

Many thanks.

School Sports Competition

4 Square

Team 1
1st Place! Well done.

Team 2

Year 3 -Dodgeball Team

On Friday 14th February, 10 year 3 pupils took part in the Gravesham Schools Dodgeball Competition. The competitors had a quick lesson on how to play before the games began. They played eight very fast paced 2 minute games, which required constant focus as balls were coming from all directions. There were lots of great catches by Ethan Simms and some excellent precision throwing for all team members. The team came in 8th place and had a wonderful time competing.